As winter approaches, indeed the chills are in the air, and you might have realized that the old wool coat or parka you have has already seen the best times. Since no cold-weather collection is perfect, buying a winter jacket not included in your shopping list is despairing.

It’s the best time to get a new winter wardrobe that would be both trendy and practical for your style of living.

From trench coats to raincoats and cape coats, we’ve gathered the best outerwear pieces to refresh your winter wardrobe.

Trench Coat

A trench coat is a styling favorite, giving a masculine-meet-feminine midpoint. The iconic trench appropriately earns a place inside your closet as among the most flexible and seasonal pieces you will ever buy. It brings a stylish finishing touch to every women’s wardrobe.

Mac and Rain Coat

Time has passed where raincoats were bloated, flabby paired with an old fishing hat.  Now, raincoats and Macs are not just water-resistant and enjoyable but are a dream of chic shades, adorable designs, or cool shapes.

Whether you have to wear work boots or stiletto heels, macs and raincoats of various designs will enhance your style.

Pea Coat

Popular apparel theme to women as well as men, pea coats were previously owned by merchants. This classic woolen coat is very ideally crafted for your comfort in the winter season, wherein its style looks perfectly trendy.

Showcasing the double-breasted front that usually ending just under your waist, they’re a refined complement to every wardrobe.

Cape Coat

Cape coats create a mood of being in a soft, cozy blanket, but so much trendier. The special, armless style goes way back the medieval times that are indeed common these days.

Its elegant look entirely encompasses your forearms and shoulders after draping off, frequently making the outline similar to a bell. The whole outfit is ideal for every woman wishing a different polished look beside the common buttoned coat.

Toggle and Duffle Coat

Are you going for a winter break in the mountains or the countryside? It would be best if you grabbed the toggle or a duffle coat and never feel any single regret.

The trendy features were designed outdoors with mother nature during the cold season. Typically crafted of heavy, woolen cloth, duffle wraps feel cozy, pleasant, yet functional—these sport wooden toggle fasteners, including cord or leather coils complemented with wide front pockets.

Maxi Coat

These elegant ankle-long coats from the ’80s are popular once more. Ok, luckily, without shoulder pads.

Such maxi coats with this model were noticed along the sidewalks of significant couture cities worldwide that are waiting to join your collection. Engage in this chic, full framework coat, staying up to date and comfortable throughout winter.

Long Faux Fur Coat

Lengthy, synthetic furry coats have already become an entire style this 2020.  It boasts available colors such as traditional caramel and a beautiful purple auberge.

In any way, the front snap closure, fluffy epaulets, and flap pockets provide comfort and, definitely, fashion.


These top women’s winter jackets or coats should make you warm yet trendy. Easy-going choices provide wrap as well as belt variations such as trench coats and toggle and duffle coats.

Pick the cape coat, trench coat, pea coat, or maxi coat when you wish to further speak your style. Finally, raincoats are also the perfect way to keep warm even under winter rain.