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12 Brunch Cocktails You’re Going To Love

Brunch: the glorious mash-up of breakfast and lunch, where you can linger over good food, great company, and of course, delicious cocktails. Whether you’re hosting a brunch at home or heading out to your favourite spot, having a go-to cocktail lineup can turn a good brunch into a fantastic one.
So, let’s explore 12 brunch cocktails that are sure to elevate your weekend mornings. Whether you’re in charge of the menu or you’re heading out for brunch, these cocktails are the icing on the cake!
1. Bloody Mary – The Classic Reviver
The Bloody Mary is a brunch staple for a reason. Its spicy …

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How to Store Coffee Beans Properly for Maximum Flavor

Ah, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee – it’s like a warm, comforting hug in a mug. But did you know that the journey to that perfect cup of joe begins long before you even grind the beans? Properly storing your coffee beans is crucial to preserving their flavor and aroma.
1. Choose the Right Container
Here’s what you should look for:
Airtight: Opt for an airtight container that can keep oxygen out like coffeevac. Oxygen is coffee beans’ arch-nemesis, as it can cause them to …

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Beyond Sushi Rolls: A Dive into the Lesser-Known Treasures of Japanese Seafood Cuisine

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, most of us are familiar with sushi rolls and sashimi, but there’s a world of seafood wonders beyond these classics. Japan’s rich coastal culture has given rise to a diverse array of seafood dishes that might not always make it to the spotlight. In this culinary adventure, we’ll take you on a delightful journey through the lesser-known treasures of Japanese seafood cuisine.
Unveiling Umami with Unagi Kabayak
Let’s kick off our seafood exploration with a dish that showcases the art of grilling. Unagi kabayaki, a delectable grilled eel dish, boasts a perfect balance of…

christmas pickles in jars
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The Easiest Christmas Pickle Recipe

Among many Christmas traditions, there is one that always stands out in my family: the Christmas pickle. While many believe it is a German tradition, its origins are a bit of a mystery. The legend goes that the first child to find the hidden pickle ornament on the Christmas tree would be blessed with good fortune in the coming year and an extra present. Whether it is truly German or not, the Christmas pickle has become a beloved tradition in many households.
Why Pickles at Christmas?

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What a Certified Wine Course Might Involve

Are you a passionate wine lover looking to learn more about the industry? If you are, then a certified wine course can provide you with an in-depth understanding of all aspects regarding the world of wine. From sensory analysis and production to pairing, marketing, and business management, a comprehensive course will cover it all.
You’ll gain knowledge that will prepare you for a career or hobby in the field of your choice. Whether you want to become an expert sommelier and be among those who receive sommelier certifications or simply have …

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Essentials to Remember During Fine Dining

Most people find fine dining events rather daunting because of the intimidating atmosphere and the number of rules needed to follow. Don’t fret though, because fine dining isn’t as difficult as it may seem. All you have to do is follow these tips and you’ll be fine.
These are some essentials to remember during fine dining:

During the duration of your meal, the napkin should always be in your lap. If you need to step away from the table, do not place your napkin on the table but on your chair.
Do not eat right away once you have received your food. Wait until everyone is served, and the host to signal to…

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How to Make Overnight Oats

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is where your body gets its fuel and energy in the morning. No one wants to go to work or school with no energy.
What is a convenient and easy way to get a healthy breakfast on the go? Overnight oats! It’s easy to make the night before and just be able to grab it out of the refrigerator and be on your way.

Rolled oats are advised to be used in this recipe as it gives a better consistency than quick oats.
Milk can be any type…

Vodka tequila rum
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3 Alcohol Beverages You Should Have At Home

When you get home, tired from school or work, having a drink at home is a good way to help you relax. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with the same drink everytime. Here’s a list of the 3 staple alcoholic beverages you should have in your home.
Vodka is a clear spirit that is made of grains, vegetables, and fruits. It can have a neutral alcohol taste to having fruity notes, depending on its flavour and origin.
Some popular cocktails that can be made with vodka are vodka tonic, cosmopolitan, and the vodka martini.
Rum is distilled from sugar which can originate from different …